Become A Successful Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan

If you want to become a successful Amazon virtual assistant and are also curious about knowing all details about Amazon virtual assistants, then this post will help you a lot. In this post, we have shared with you the all information of Amazon virtual assistant, and also the jobs, salary, and scope of Amazon virtual assistant is discussed.

What is an Amazon virtual assistant?

As the name suggests, an Amazon Virtual Assistant is the one that helps you to run your Amazon business successfully from afar. The services provided by Virtual Assistant are quite extensive and vary with each skill. In other words, it involves taking care of all the tasks that a business owner can assign to you. Your tasks and responsibilities may include hunting products, customer service, and advertising for their stores.

Why People Hire Virtual Assistant?

Most e-commerce businesses on Amazon are run by a single person who often suffers from productivity overload.

Task Management: They can hire you to do things they find difficult, such as resolving customer questions, answering emails, or following up on the Sales tab.

Support: On the other hand, a business owner may need help with skills he lacks, for example, web development, Photoshop, and data analysis.

Cost-effective: Hiring someone remotely on an hourly / project basis costs a fraction of the hiring of a full-time employee, making it a great choice for small business owners. It also reduces overhead costs such as renting an office space and paying bills.

Minimum Employee Responsibility: Since a virtual assistant works as an independent contractor, employers are only responsible for paying their fixed rates thus reducing the cost of taxes and employee benefits.

Convenience: Through Virtual Assistants, business owners can focus on the key tasks that drive their growth. An effective virtual assistant can significantly reduce the workload of a business person.

How to Become Amazon Virtual Assistant?

For those living in Pakistan, numerous online resources and organizations train individuals for this job. For example,

Extreme Commerce: They conduct online training, boot camps, seminars, 1-1 training, and corporate training. In addition, they run an incubator in 8 cities across Pakistan to provide a dedicated environment for young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Simply put yourself in one of their programs to equip yourself with the necessary skills and conquer the world of e-commerce.

Enabling: Enabling offers a complete course on Virtual Assistance with a series of video lectures for newcomers who want to jump into the field of e-commerce. Their centers are spread across the country to enable everyone to learn, earn, acquire and succeed in life.

Start of e-work: Their online learning portal offers 4 types of courses. Amazon Beginners Pack, Amazon Advanced Basics; Amazon Certified Virtual Assistant, and Amazon Sellers Training.

All of these programs and courses come with unique benefits that can be of great benefit to newcomers who have no previous experience or education. Sign up for their certified courses to start your Amazon Virtual Assistant career.

Virtual Assistant Free Course:

There is some institute that offers a free course for a virtual assistant. For example UDEMY, ALPHA UA ACADEMY

This free course will give you high-quality training. And will prepare you to become a virtual assistant. The purpose of this short but valuable training is to help students better understand what it takes to become a profitable virtual assistant.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Jobs in Pakistan:

There are too many jobs in Pakistan for a virtual assistant. Many platforms are availing these jobs. Some of the main platforms are amazon, DRAZ, FOODPANDA, OOBER, and CREAM. You can also find these jobs on Fiverr and Upwork on a freelance basis.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Salary in Pakistan:

The average Amazon Virtual Assistant pays Rs 549,438 per month. Virtual assistant salaries on Amazon can range from Rs 518,128 – 637,355 per month. This Amazon virtual assistant salary estimate is based on 4 Amazon Virtual Assistant Salary reports (reports) provided by employees or based on statistical methods. While factoring in bonuses and extra pay, a virtual assistant at Amazon can expect to pay an average of Rs 549,438 per month.p


We tried our best to share with you the complete information related to Amazon virtual assistant. The zon virtual assistant salary, jobs, opportunities and free courses are also discussed in this post. This is one of the best ways of earning online money. If you want to know more online earning ways then you can also read this post. (Online Earning In Pakistan.)

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