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Baboon Valley is the beautiful valley situated in Neelum Valley, Kashmir Pakistan. It is really a best place for nature lovers to visit. It is full of natural beauty. Baboon valley offers beautiful scenery of nature, waterfalls, snowy mountains, lush green meadows and beautiful weather.

Baboon Valley is at the upper side of Keran & Jagran, and is approximately 12800 feet above from the sea level. It is also known as Baboon Top. Route toward Baboon Valley (Baboon Top) is a bit dangerous and difficult. But when you will reach in this valley, you will forget the difficulty of its route.

Baboon Vallley - Low angle picture with pink flower

Baboon Valley Location:

Basically, Baboon Valley is the part of Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) and it is in the Neelum Valley. The nearby areas of Baboon Valley Kashmir are Ratti Galli Lake, Keran, Jagran, Kundal Shahi, Jabri Top and Jabri Forest.

Route To Baboon Valley:

After reaching in Keran from Muzaffarabad, you can go to Baboon Valley by only one route. As it is described earlier that road to this valley is not constructed well yet. It is under construction, and may be the best route to reach Baboon Valley in the next coming years.

The scenery around the road provides very beautiful views like houses on high mountains, waterfalls and tall green trees.

You have to rent 4 by 4 jeep for travelling to Baboon Valley because it is very high place. And no normal cars or vehicle can reach on it.

These jeeps are also offered by travelling agencies and hotels in Kuttan and Keran. You can also collaborate with the other tourists to rant a jeep and reach towards Baboon Valley.

Stay in Jagran:

Baboon Valley is newly discovered place and it has no much resources. In my opinion, lack of resources in this valley is good thing because we humans do not take care of natural places. Therefore, it may be the better to maintain the natural beauty of this amazing place.

 So all the travelers toward Baboon Valley take a small stay in Jagran because it is almost the last place where you can take lunch, breakfast and buy eatables.

Baboon Top Valley Weather:

Like the other northern areas of Pakistan, the weather of Baboon Valley (Baboon Top) is also unpredictable. The weather of this valley is mostly cloudy and rain can start at any time.

In summer season, it is very best idea to go to Baboon Top and enjoy the cold.

Baboon Valley / Baboon Top

Baboon Valley Distance (Keran To Baboon):

When we start our journey to reach Baboon Valley, first we reach at Keran. Keran is the place from where, the tourists has to travel on jeeps. So Baboon Valley (Baboon Top) is almost 100 KM far from Keran. It takes almost 3 hours to climb the height of the Top.


Baboon Valley is situated in Neelum Valley and in the Upper areas of Keran & Jagran.

You can reach Baboon Valley / Baboon Top by the route of Keran. After reaching Keran you can reach Baboon by Jeeps.

Ratti Galli is also situated in Neelum Valley and is counted as nearby area of the Baboon Top. Ratti galli and Baboon Top are not on the same route. The routes for both places are opposite to each other from Keran.

The distance from Lahore to Baboon Valley is almost 850 KM.

The distance from Islamabad to Baboon Valley is almost 510 KM.

The distance from Muzaffarabad to Baboon Valley is alsmost 350 KM.

The height of Baboon Top is almost 12800 feet.

As the summer holidays in Pakistan begins from June and end in August. So during this time period Baboon Top Weather remains cool and cloudy. These months are best to visit Baboon Valley.


In this post I have shared with you the complete details of Baboon Valley ( Baboon Top). Hopefully, this read up helped you a lot. If you have any query related to this post, then feel free to ask it in the comment section.

Hopefully, your journey to Baboon Top will be very pleasant. If you want to know about more Best Places to visit in Pakistan then visit our website.

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