Broghil Valley Details And Tour Guide

One such place is the largely undiscovered Broghil Valley – a magnificent work of nature, located just north of Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

Broghil Valley map

The Broghil Valley is located in a remote mountainous region of the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a narrow valley located at a distance of about 250 km from Chitral city. The valley joins Gilgit-Baltistan in its northeast and the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan along its northwest.

The farthest northern part of the valley ends at Cromer Pass, forming a boundary between the Broghil Valley and the Ashkuman Valley. The famous Crumber Lake is also located on Crumber Pass.

Surrounded by the Chanter Glacier, the valley is home to many wild animals, including bears, marmots, snow leopards, and foxes. In addition, Lake Cumberland supports a variety of aquatic life.

Life in the valley

Although the valley is so beautiful that it is sometimes called a paradise on earth, life is not easy for the inhabitants of Broghil. The area experiences severe weather during the winter months, with up to five to six feet of snow falling each year. As a result, the valley is completely isolated from the rest of the province and all communication is cut off.

Before the onset of winter, valley dwellers go to Chitral to sell yaks – their only source of income – so that they can buy household goods as they are stuck in the valley for five months of winter.

“Unlike in the past – when the valley was very isolated and there was no access to even the basic necessities of life – there has been some improvement over the years,” said Amin Jan Tajik, Nazim of BroghilValley. Now, a few people have started opening shops in the valley in which various items are stored till the end of the winter season.

“Residents take their yaks to the Ashkuman area of ​​Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan to sell, where a large number of buyers can be seen,” Tajik explained. Yak meat is very popular in Chitral and is sold at Rs. 380 per kg.

The Tajik explained that yak meat is preferred in the region because, unlike other domesticated animals, which are kept in a herd, the yak is left to graze in the forest in winter, due to which its Meat is delicious and delicious.

Best places to visit in Broghil Valley:


Beautiful View of Karambar Lake

The main reason for this is the adventure of Kramber Lake which is why so many adventure seekers visit this incredible valley. The journey from Ashkarwaz to this amazing lake is about 15 to 20 kilometers.

As well as being the second-highest lake in Pakistan at an altitude of 14,120 feet, Lake Krumbar has the status of the 31st highest lake in the world. Rush Lake in Wadi Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan is the highest lake in Pakistan and the 27th in the world, located at an altitude of about 15,400 feet above sea level.

Due to the rapidly changing weather and difficult terrain, the journey to Crumber Lake can take up to two days. However, the enchanting destination is definitely worth it. The stunning blue waters reflect the magnificent mountain peaks around Crumber Pass, making the enchanting landscape look like an extraordinary painting. Furthermore, Lake Crumber is known for its wide range of aquatic life, making it one of the most biologically active lakes in the region.


Broghil  Pass, also known as Broghil  Pass, is one of the four major mountain passes providing access to Chitral. Others include the popular Lowry Top, Shandor Top, and Dora Pass. The Broghil  Valley Pass is about 12,460 feet above sea level and crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range across the Durand Line, which connects Afghanistan’s Wakhan District with Pakistan’s Chitral District.

The pass is closed during the winter and is open to traffic for about 8 months of the year. It is historically considered an important mountain pass, as according to the National Geographic Society’s Geographic Project, Western Europeans carry the M45 genetic marker Broghil  Pass to Europe. This genetic marker has since changed to M173 and then to M343, which carries a large portion of the population on the continent.  

Furthermore, it is said that Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire also used this route.


Located at an altitude of 15,430 feet, the magnificent Dara Kot connects Chitral’s Broghil  Valley with Gilgit-Baltistan’s Rawat Valley.

To reach Dara Kot, you have to travel from Chakar village to Scarwaz and make it your base camp. From there, you can travel approximately 10 hours to reach the base camp near Darkot Pass in Yassin Valley. It is recommended that you spend the night here and cross the steep area near Darkot the next morning. Once you reach the other side of the pass, you can reach Rawat village in about 40 to 50 minutes.

From here, you can rent a jeep for the city of Gilgit, one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Pakistan. Depending on how many days you have left on your trip, you can stay in one of the top hotels in Gilgit and explore the area further.


The annual Broghil  Festival is celebrated during July, however, not many people know about it.

Paying homage to their local culture, the inhabitants of this mystical valley participate in unique sports during the festival, along with many others, such as horse racing, freestyle polo, and donkey racing. However, Yak Race and Yak Polo are the highlights of the Broghil  Valley Festival.

With the growing popularity of the Shandor Polo Festival, which is held every year in Chitral, residents of the Broghil  Valley hope that their local festival will soon attract domestic and foreign tourists as well. Where else in the world would you be able to enjoy the historic game of yak race or yak polo while listening to traditional Wakhani music at an altitude of 13,000 feet?

However, in order for the festival to gain popularity, the government will have to make the journey to the Broghil  Valley of Pakistan much easier than it was then.

Broghil Valley National Park

The Broghil  Valley is also a national park located in the upper northern ranges of the Chitral District in the Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The valley is located 250 km from the main town of Chitral Lower District. The highest area is from 3,280m in Kashmanja village to 4,304m in the upper east on Kramber Lake. The landscape is undivided with wet mountains, wide green plains, and thin valleys.

Broghil  National Park is located in the Broghil  Valley, northeast of the Upper Chitral District. It is a haven characterized by a delicate environment that provides shelter to rare species of biodiversity with a wide variety of birds and plants. A large part of Broghil  National Park consists of petlands, which not only support the natural biodiversity but are also used by the locals for fuel purposes.

Both the land and the lakes are spread over 3,400 hectares. Petland has been over-excavated, causing grazing lands to shrink and wildlife habitats to be destroyed. Burning the stomachs causes the emission of smoke which eventually leads to respiratory diseases. The exploitation of the stomach as a fuel for domestic use began about 75 years ago. With the increase in population, the pressure on these resources is increasing. Some villages have already used 90% of their stomachs. If stomach consumption continues at the current rate, it is estimated that all stomach lands will become barren in a period of 20-30 years.

Reducing stress requires the protection of existing wetlands and the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of damaged wetlands through community participation. Detailed scientific research is essential to obtain complete data on available natural resources and to develop strategies to ensure sustainability.

Weather and climate of Broghil valley

Due to its height, the weather in the Broghil  Valley can be quite harsh, especially during the winter months. The valley receives an average of five to six feet of snow each year. Heavy rains and dust storms are also common. 

When is the best time to visit Broghil?

The best time to visit the Broghil  Valley is between June and August when you can see the vast fields, flowing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and colorful festivals that make it one of the tourist destinations in Pakistan. ۔

How to get to Broghil Valley?

The easiest way to reach Chitral’s Broghil  Valley is to first fly to Chitral’s small domestic airport via Pakistan International Airlines. From Chitral, it will take you about 4 hours to reach Mastuja Valley by jeep. After resting for a few hours, you should leave for Kashmanja early in the morning, from here it will take you 10 hours. In ideal weather conditions, you will have to travel another five hours to reach Ishkarwaz.

Ishikawa is close to the Afghanistan border, the soldiers stationed at the check post ask you for National Identity Card (NIC). Here you need 6 to 8 hours trekking to reach the magnificent village of Lashkar Gah, the starting point of the Broghil  Valley. However, in case of landslides, heavy rains, or some other conditions, it may take you two or more days to get stuck there.


In this post we tried our best to share with you the complete details of Broghil Valley and its nearby places. Hopefully, you like this post. If you are a nature lover and want to discover new places then don’t miss Best Tourists Places in Pakistan.

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