Gilgit Baltistan Ramzan Calendar 2022 | Ramzan Calendar for GB

Ramzan Mubarak is the most awaited month by the Muslims all around the world. It is because Ramzan is the holy month in Islamic Calendar. This month is full with the bounties Of Allah Almighty. Muslims fasts in this month by following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and the Order of Quran.

It is very great news for the Muslims that the month of Ramzan Kareem has been started from 2rd April, 2022. As a month has 30 days, the month of Ramzan is also predicted as 30 days long. Sometimes, we see some variations in Ramzan Calendar that it has 29 days.

If you are looking for Gilgit Baltistan Ramzan Calendar 2022, then you are at the right place. Here we’ve provided you with complete Sehri and Iftaar Timing of Gilgit Baltistan.

You can read Gilgit Baltistan Ramzan Calendar 2022 at this page or you can also download PDF file of Gilgit Baltistan Ramzan Calendar 2022.Let’s have a look on Ramzan Calendar 2022 for Gilgit Baltistan.

Gilgit Baltistan Ramzan Calendar 2022

#NoDayDateSehr / FajarIftar / Maghrib
1Sunday3 April 20224:18 AM6:27 PM
2Monday4 April 20224:17 AM6:28 PM
3Tuesday5 April 20224:15 AM6:29 PM
4Wednesday6 April 20224:14 AM6:29 PM
5Thursday7 April 20224:12 AM6:30 PM
6Friday8 April 20224:10 AM6:31 PM
7Saturday9 April 20224:09 AM6:32 PM
8Sunday10 April 20224:07 AM6:33 PM
9Monday11 April 20224:05 AM6:34 PM
10Tuesday12 April 20224:04 AM6:34 PM
11Wednesday13 April 20224:02 AM6:35 PM
12Thursday14 April 20224:01 AM6:36 PM
13Friday15 April 20223:59 AM6:37 PM
14Saturday16 April 20223:57 AM6:38 PM
15Sunday17 April 20223:56 AM6:39 PM
16Monday18 April 20223:54 AM6:40 PM
17Tuesday19 April 20223:53 AM6:40 PM
18Wednesday20 April 20223:51 AM6:41 PM
19Thursday21 April 20223:50 AM6:42 PM
20Friday22 April 20223:48 AM6:43 PM
21Saturday23 April 20223:47 AM6:44 PM
22Sunday24 April 20223:45 AM6:45 PM
23Monday25 April 20223:43 AM6:45 PM
24Tuesday26 April 20223:42 AM6:46 PM
25Wednesday27 April 20223:40 AM6:47 PM
26Thursday28 April 20223:39 AM6:48 PM
27Friday29 April 20223:37 AM6:49 PM
28Saturday30 April 20223:36 AM6:50 PM
29Sunday1 May 20223:35 AM6:51 PM
30Monday2 May 20223:33 AM6:51 PM

This is the Ramzan Calendar of Gilgit Baltistan for you. If you want to get Ramzan calendar / Sehri and Iftar timing for other cities then go through the following link to see Ramzan Calendar 2022 for every city.

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