Naran Kaghan Valley Best Tour Guide

To observe nature is an art and when someone starts observing it and its beauty, he falls in love with nature. God has blessed many regions of the world with amazing natural beauty and Pakistan is one of those regions.

          In Pakistan, you will find beautiful mountainous peaks, deep and dense forests, green meadows offering amazing scenery, beautiful valleys with breathtaking scenic views, and all kinds of natural beauty.

          Naran Kaghan Valley is one of those amazing valleys with remarkable natural beauty. Everyone who comes to visit this valley is lost in its beauty. Someone can’t come to visit this valley and leave it without praising its beauty.

          Although the beauty of this valley can’t be expressed with words I will try my best to depict its immense beauty. Kaghan is a valley having many other towns and small valleys in it including Naran. Let’s discuss Kaghan Valley first.

Naran Kaghan Pics

Kaghan Valley

         Kaghan Valley is a beautiful valley of Pakistan located in the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is about 150 kilometers long alpine valley surrounded by beautiful Hamalian Mountains.

         Kaghan Valley is famous for its pleasant weather, beautifully surrounded mountains, and alpine meadows and forests. That’s why it is one of the top tourist attractions of Pakistan.

         The highest point of Kaghan Valley is Babusar Pass or Babusar Top which is around 4173 meters or 13691 feet above sea level and connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan.

Naran Valley

       Naran is one of the most beautiful towns and a small valley of Kaghan located around 65 kilometers away from Babusar Top. It is one of the most visited places by tourists in Kaghan. Naran is also famous for its pleasant weather, greenery, and breathtaking scenic views like Kaghan Valley.

       Naran Valley is surrounded by snowy mountains and glaciers. These mountains add a lot to the beauty of this valley. Naran Valley has the main bazaar that is very famous and rushed by tourists, especially in summer.

Naran Kaghan Pictures

Naran Kaghan Location

       Naran Valley is located in Mansehra District and is around 280 kilometers from Islamabad and 120 kilometers from the main Mansehra City. The best route to reach Naran Valley is via Mansehra city. You have to drive head north on Abbottabad Road toward Shinkiari Road and then turn right onto the Kashmir Road. Straight onto the Mansehra-Kaghan Road, you will reach Kaghan through Naran-Jhalkhand Chilas Road.

Naran Kaghan Location

Tourism in Naran Kaghan

       Naran Kaghan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pakistan. It is one of the most visited places in Pakistan that are usually visited by tourists. Local as well as international tourists usually come to visit this valley. According to a Government report, around 4 to 5 million people visited this beautiful valley only in 2020.

        Most of the people of Naran Kaghan Valley are somehow related to tourism as many of them are tourist guides, hotel and resorts owners, and even jeep drivers that are usually hired by tourists, especially in summer.

       Despite the beauty of Naran Kaghan Valley, one of the reasons for its popularity is the kind and loving people of this valley. Tourists and visitors that come to visit this valley are welcomed and treated in a very good way by the locals of this valley.     


Weather of Naran Kaghan Valley

        The weather of Naran Kaghan Valley usually remains cloudy throughout the year. Its weather is too cold in winter and usually remains below 0 oC even you can enjoy snowfall but in summer it is very pleasant and usually remains 10 to 15 oC. That’s why most of the tourists visit Naran Kaghan in summer.

         The best time to visit Naran Kaghan Valley is from April to August. A large number of tourists visit this valley in September too but its weather starts being a bit cold in September.

Naran Kaghan Weather

Naran Kaghan Transport & Roads

           Many of the roads that led to Naran Kaghan Valley were damaged and destroyed due to land sliding triggered by the earthquake in Kashmir in 2005. But most of them have been rebuilt and are in good condition now.

       Local cars can be driven on the main roads of Naran Kaghan Valley and usually, 4×4 jeeps are hired to reach some local hill stations and towns as the roads that reach there are a bit difficult for driving local cars.

       In winter, tourists and visitors are not allowed to go and visit Naran Kaghan Valley due to the heavy snowfall. Roads are usually covered with snow in winter that’s why Government doesn’t allow visitors to visit this valley in winter keeping because of the chances of causalities and safety issues.

Naran Kaghan road

Tourists Spots in Kaghan Valley

          The entire Kaghan Valley is beautiful and worth seeing but It has many amazing tourist spots like Naran Valley including mountain peaks, hill stations, rivers, and beautiful lakes. Some of the most beautiful spots here in Kaghan Valley are Shogran Valley Kaghan, Siri Paiy Meadows and Siri Lake Shogran, Lalusar Lake, Babusar Top Kaghan, Saif-ul-Maluk National Park, and Lake Saif-ul-Maluk.

Naran Kaghan Beautiful Places

Hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley

       There are many hotels in Naran Kaghan Valley. Some of the famous hotels in this valley are:

  • Pine Park Hotel & Resort, Saif-ul-Maluk Road, Naran, Kaghan
  • Pine Park Hotel, QGHG+QR6, Kaghan
  • Naran Creek, WM42+MFX, Naran
  • Greenland and Motel, Mall Road, Near Bank Islami, Naran
  • Maisonette Hotel & Resort, Jheel Road, Naran
  • Hotel Home, Bypass Road, Naran
Naran Kaghan Hotels


The distance between Kaghan Valley and Lahore is around 535 kilometers and the distance of Naran Valley is 617 kilometers from Lahore.

There are many famous foods in Naran Kaghan Valley including Chicken and Mutton Karahi, Chicken Roast, and Handi but the most popular item in this valley is Trout Fish.

Usually, roads are opened for tourists and visitors in the mid of March but at the start of March due to heavy snowfall roads are covered with snow so you may face difficulties while driving on the roads of this Valley.

Usually, good tour packages of Naran Kaghan Valley start from 10,000/- Rs and so on but it all depends upon your personal choices and expenses.

Trout fish is one of the famous items of Naran Kaghan Valley.

Final Words

In this post I tried my best to share with you the complete details of Naran Kaghan along with tour guide. Hopefully you liked this post. Please tell about your thoughts in the comment section.
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