Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Best Tour Guide

Neelum Valley is one of the top tourist attraction sites in Pakistan. This beautiful forested valley is located in Azad Kashmir. Due to the natural beauty of Neelum Valley, this is also known as Paradise on the earth.

           Neelum Valley is named after the Neelum River that flows through this valley. Neelum means a beautiful and precious blue stone that’s why it is also stated that this valley is named Neelum because some precious blue stones were found here.  

           Neelum Valley is famous for its beautiful green meadows, snowy mountain peaks, panoramic view, and noisy Neelum River that flows through it. There are so many tourist attractive spots in Neelum Valley that’s why people come to visit this valley throughout the year, especially in summer.

Neelum Valley Image

Neelum Valley Location

             Neelum Valley is located in the North-East of Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir near the Pakistan-India Borders right on the bank of Neelum River. Coordinates are 34.5891°N 73.9106°E. This beautiful valley is around 234.7 km away from Islamabad and 102.1 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Neelum valley is running parallel to Kaghan Valley and is located around 4000 meters above sea level. It is about 144 kilometers long bow-shaped forested valley. There are further many small beautiful valleys in the Neelum Valley.

Climate & Environment of Neelum Valley

             The weather of Neelum Valley is too cold in winter due to heavy rains and snowfall but in summer it has amazing weather that adds a lot to the beauty of this valley. You will be fascinated by the calm and beautiful environment of this valley. The amazing snowy mountains and beautiful trees in this valley are breathtaking. The best time to visit and explore Neelum Valley is from March to October.

Neelum Valley Beautiful View

Roads & Transportation

          Many minor roads connect the different villages of this valley to Muzaffarabad. Most of these roads are along with Neelum River. The roads of Neelum Valley are mountainous and a bit difficult for driving. These narrow and hilly roads are not good for local cars. That’s why jeeps or 4×4 vehicles are usually hired. Land sliding is still another issue that is faced sometimes. 

Neelum River

        Neelum River is a beautiful river that is flowing through the Neelum Valley and merging with the Jhelum River near Muzaffarabad. This river flows through the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. This river is also known as Kishanganga in India and it has great religious importance among Hindus of India.

        Although there are small bridges on this river right on the LOC between Pakistan and India that connects both the countries but people of both the countries are not allowed to walk on or cross these bridges.    

Neelum River , Located in Neelum Valley


Best Spots To visit in Neelum Valley

           Although the entire Neelum Valley is very beautiful and breathtaking there are many beautiful villages in Neelum Valley like Khel and Taobat that must be visited. Arrang Khel, Kutton Valley, Sharda Valley, Kutton Jagran, Halmat, Kundal Shahi Village, Baboon and Keran are some other worth seeing spots in Neelum Valley. The beautiful spots along the route of Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley are also remarkable.

Neelum Valley Best Spots

Sharda, Neelum Valley

       Sharda (also known as Shardi) is a beautiful area and a Tehsil of Neelum Valley that is around 130 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad. Despite its beauty, it has great historical and religious importance among Hindus. Sharda is well known for the ruins of the Hindu Temple Sharada Peeth. Sharda is the other name of one of the Hindu goddesses (goddess of Knowledge). Sharada Peeth was one of the most prominent temples of the Indian Subcontinent between the 6th to 12th centuries. There are many hotels here in Sharda.  

Hotels in Neelum Valley

Some of the hotels in Neelum Valley are:

  1. Heaven in Hills, near Arrang Khel Middle School, Arrang Khel, Neelum Valley
  2. Musk Deer Resort, Arrang Khel Neelum Valley
  3. Wadi Resort, Kishan Ghatti Road, Sharda, Neelum Valley
  4. Neelum Valley Hotel, Sharda Main Bazaar, Neelum Valley
  5. Sharda Highland Hotel, Sharda Main Bazaar, Neelum Valley Road, Neelum Valley
  6. Apex Inn Trackers, Neelum Valley Road, Sharda, Neelum Valley
  7. Neelum Good View Hotel, Neelum Valley Road, Keran, Neelum Valley
  8. Green Village Resort, Upper Neelum, Keran, Neelum Valley
  9. Paradise Hotel, Neelum Valley Road, Keran, Neelum Valley


Neelum Valley is located in the North-East of Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir near the Pakistan-India Borders. Neelum valley is running parallel to Kaghan Valley and is located around 4000 meters above sea level.

Neelum Valley is famous for its pleasant weather, breathtaking scenery, beautiful mountains, and deep dense forests.

You can reach Neelum Valley by two main routes. One is a new route via Naran Jhalkhand, Neelum Road from where you can reach Azad Kashmir and then Neelum Valley. The condition of this road is good and this is drivable for almost 9-10 months in a year.  The other one is the old route via Muzaffarabad from where you can get local vans or hire a jeep to reach Neelum valley and if you have your 4×4 vehicle then it’s good. The road that leads to the Neelum Valley is hardly drivable in winter but in other seasons it is good (sometimes due to land sliding you may face some difficulties).

Urdu is the official language and Kashmiri, Hindko, Gojri, Shina, and Kundal Shahi are the local languages here in Neelum Valley.

Foreigners are allowed to visit many of the villages and tourist spots near Neelum Valley but Neelum Valley is a disputed area, located near the Pakistan-India borders so they are not allowed to enter this area due to safety reasons.

The distance of Neelum Valley from Islamabad is around 234.7 km via E-75 and is 307.3 km via Hazara Motorway (M-15).

The distance of Neelum Valley from Muzaffarabad is around 102.1 km via Neelum Road and Leswa Road.

The best time to visit and explore Neelum Valley is from March to October.

Final Thoughts

In this post we tried our best to share with you the complete details and tour guide of Neelum Valley and its nearby areas. Also the climate and pictures of Neelum Valley are mentioned in this post. Hopefully you liked this piece of information. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section.

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