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As we all know the iPhone is considered to be the best mobile phone today due to some of its extraordinary features. Although Samsung and some other companies have been good competitors of the iPhone but could not reach that level yet now the owner of Tesla Company, Elon Musk is going to introduce his new smartphone model named as Pi phone which is going to be another good competitor of iPhone.

          It is being said that it would be even better than iPhone as some modern technologies like Starlink connectivity & Neuralink will be used in this model.

Tesla Pi Phone

                Actually, these are just rumors as Elon Musk or any other person related to Tesla Company didn’t give any statement yet about this new product (Tesla Phone or Pi Phone). Contradict these rumors once Elon Musk gave a statement on Twitter that “smartphones are yesterday’s technology” which means he has no intentions yet to design such product. But if we see the past records this is not difficult for Elon Musk or Tesla Company to design such an amazing smartphone model in the future.

               Let’s compare some expected features & Technologies used in Pi Phone with iPhone’s features. Although iPhone introduces new models almost every year which are not so much different from each other the new model comes with some upgraded features. Here we will discuss iPhone’s latest model iPhone 13 pro max features.


          iPhone has Ceramic Shield front and Textured matte glass back, with an apple logo on it, with stainless steel design and as for as Pi Phone’s body is considered it is expected that it will have a special Photo Ceramic coating on its body due to which its body color will change with the effect of sunlight. Like iPhone, the Pi Phone will also have Tesla’s logo on its back.


Screen & Display

          The latest model of iPhone (iPhone 13 pro max) has 6.7 inches screen with an OLED display and 2778×1284 resolution at 458 PPI. On the other hand, there is no confirmed news about Pi Phone’s screen but it is expected that this phone will have a better screen with a high-resolution Super Amoled display.


         iPhone has a 12 MP main camera system with Telephoto (f/2.8, 77mm), Wide (f/1.5, 26mm), and Ultra wide (f/1.8, 13mm) lenses. It has a 12 MP selfie camera with a wide (f/2.2, 23mm) lens. It has 2x Optical zoom out, 3x zoom in and up to 15x digital zoom range.

On the other hand, the Pi Phone is expected to come with a quad-camera with 4 lenses and a sub-screen front (selfie) camera. Some unbelievable statements are also being given that the Pi Phone camera will be able to click pictures of the Milky Way.


         iPhone has 6 GB RAM and A15 bionic chipset with a 5-Core GPU. And if we talk about Pi Phone’s processor it may be QUALCOMM Snapdragon 898 or even higher than that.

Storage Capacity

        Different iPhone models come with different storage capacities but the best one has a 1 TB storage capacity. It is expected that Pi Phone will have a 2 TB storage capacity.


      iPhone has a 4352 mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery. On the other hand, no statement is given about Pi Phone’s battery. It would have a better and more powerful battery as some extra features and technologies are used in it so it will need more power.

Some New Features of Pi Phone

         It is expected that Pi Phone will have some new extraordinary features that no other smartphone has. Let’s discuss some of these features.

         It will have transparent solar panels on its back that will charge the phone through sunlight.

         Another statement that is given about Pi Phones is that these phones will be connected to the Starlink satellite which is moving in the orbit that is nearest to the earth so this connectivity will give a high-speed internet that is expected up to 200 mb/s. That’s really cool.

         An amazing but also shocking statement is being given that Pi phones will be able to be controlled by the human mind with the help of Neuralink. Your Tesla electric motor cars will also be controlled through your Pi Phone.

All these features and technologies of Pi Phone are amazing but it is too early to say anything about this model as no official statement came from Tesla Company.

If Pi Phone is introduced in the future with all of these expected features then this will probably the best smartphone in the world.


In this post, I have tried my best to share with you the complete comparison between Pi Phone and iPhone. Hopefully, you loved this information. If you have any questions, ask them to us in the comment section. Stay tuned to our website for further updates.

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